Teemos Mushrooms and Twitch

So one thing that struck me as really odd was that Legends of Runeterra actually included {{champion:17}} in the "Piltover/Zaun" faction, which felt really weird(and to be honest makes me wonder if we'll ever get a Bandle city faction, I mean there are barely any Bandle Yordles left T_T), but then I looked at some of the Mushroom-related cards and noticed something: https://cdn1.sixmorevodka.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/08000456/MEANDERING-WHUMPS.jpg?webp=0 https://cdn1.sixmorevodka.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/08000451/WHUMP-MATRIARCH.jpg?webp=0 https://cdn-lor.mobalytics.gg/latest/images/set1/en_us/img/card/game/01PZ010.png Almost all the cards that feature these mushrooms depict them as growing in the sewers of Zaun and how they get used by animals/animal-people. The sole exceptions are the cards of Teemo himself(who finds a mushroom in a forest) and the Mushroom Peddler(who simply sells the mushroom to someone). So does this mean that Teemos lore will connect to Zaun? Are there more sentient mutated animals other than {{champion:29}}? Is there some sort of underground trade with these mushrooms going on? Are Twitch and Teemo gonna be rivals now? Would really like to know what you guys think about this.

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