I'm truly disgusted with how Grungy Nunu turned out/Riot's apparent double-standard on pop culture

It's been years since Nunu was relevant. His relaunch was incredibly deserved, and I appreciate that Riot took the time to do so. What I cannot get behind, however, is the blatant ruining of a skin that is so iconic and is many people's (including me) favorite Nunu skin. I think it needs to addressed that what drew me to the skin in the first place was the obvious Cookie Monster/Oscar the Grouch reference. It fit so well on Nunu, and I think it's disgusting that the skin was made into something totally different, with no explanation: a Dino Gnar concept that looks anything but "Grungy". I understand Riot was absorbed by Tencent, a larger company who probably wants to avoid lawsuits and such, but there are so many things in this game (the ninja champions, for example) that basically plagiarize other things in pop culture. So why is it not okay for Grungy Nunu to reference Sesame Street when Kai'Sa's in-game movement is basically a Bayonetta rip-off? Why are we given no explanation (or compensation for being scammed out of an overpriced skin)?
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