Infernal Shen's Awful Chromas

I was really excited for Infernal Shen. I liked the concept, the splash and the idea of a chaotic-lined skin for Shen. Now, Riot didn't give him a voice filter, and though it irks me because it clashes with his calm VA, it's fine. The sword for his Q is extremely small, and though it also irks me, I can ignore it okay. What's not fine is how utterly unfinished the chromas are. The sword on Shen's back is the base skin's color for seemingly lazy reasons.[/img] The floating spirit sword turns the right color once Q is activated.[/img] This happens to every single chroma for Infernal Shen. It's honestly so confusing why Riot decided to leave it this, especially when this problem doesn't happen to the other skins in this line. What's worse is the fact that his sword IS the right color (and size, imo *cough*) exclusively in the back animation.[/img] After getting so pumped for this skin, I'm left extremely disappointed with what I got - an unfinished chroma line and a skin with wasted potential. It honestly doesn't feel like the devs listened to any of the PBE community feedback when there was still a chance to fix it before launch.
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