I've been on this for a while, but I just can't get excited for the new Arcade skins this year

I've sat on this for the longest time, just gathering my thoughts and trying to thinking of the positives. But the more I think on it, the less I'm interested in this year's edition to Arcade. Now I'm aware there have been other posts talking about the skinline lately ( [Diana Main](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/oaEOEkHG-tumblr-post-about-prestige-arcade-caitlyn-nearing-50k-notes) and [Terozu](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/IAmGME3x-please-get-rid-of-yasuos-human-face) are a few examples) but I still want to add my two cents into the mix. Right, so let's go over my one good notion: Caitlyn is a good choice. I think she fits in the theme fair enough, has some cool new effects that match the theme, ~~her last skin was at least back in 2017~~ (Edit: as people have been bringing up, her last skin was just back in Aug 2018. Don't know how I forgot about that so with that she could of been held off for just a bit longer), she's a good choice. Now let's go over the bad stuff that everyone has probably talked about already: ##The Candidates Yasuo, Kai'Sa and the new champ, Qiyana. How did Riot really decide on two of these champs to be in this years lineup? Hmmm, oh wait, that's right! They're "popular" and "make money with skins"....I fucking hate it when people use those words because they're basically true. Both of these champs haven't even gone a full year since their last skins (Yas in Sept, Kai'Sa in Apr or in Nov if you don't count her IG skin) and yet Riot decides to just throw them both in because Yas has been a money maker for such a long time, dispite being one of the most annoying and to an extent hated champs in the game, and Kai'Sa is seemingly becoming a money maker for them. Qiyana is.....meh. Honestly, I just don't like the champion. From her initial appearance to her story and right down to her VO, I just have a bias against her and don't find her a champ I like. But even if I didn't, I just don't feel like this should be her launch skin or at the very least have her be a villain. Why not have her be a kind of elitiest (or so she thinks) that's just godlike at video games and can, in story sense, speed run the whole game with no help? Wouldn't that be a bit more interesting? It's also a shame that we could of gotten skins for champs that haven't gotten one in a while and still would of fit in. {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:14}}{{champion:421}} are to name a few to come to mind that could have worked --- ##Their Appearances Kai'Sa I...guess is fine? The concept itself fits and it does look pretty well represented, but I just don't really see anything super amazing about it to me. not much else to say. Qiyana and Yasuo, though are not as great. They just stick out like sore thumbs from the rest of the lineup. Brand and his Pyro-robo form, Malz with his polygons, Veigar being this hooded, evil, megaboss looking dude. All of these boss skins are from champs that can be summed up as not fully human and are also changed to look more like they hopped out of a game to beat the shit out of you. Yasuo is probably the worst offender from this group. He just looks uninspired and lazy. He almost looks like if base Soulhunter Kayn was given a sword instead and was given goth neon colors. That's honestly what Yasuo looks like to me in this skin. Why would I want to go for a skin like this when I could go for Nightbringer, PROJECT, Blood Moon, High Noon, or Odyssey? Skins that are just better looking overall from this latest one? Qiyana for the most part, I actually do like her design here better than her base but, again, it feels out of place from the other bosses. As her other alternate skin for her currently, she just seems less and less interesting for me to become invested in her in any amount. --- ## The Prestige Skin People lately have only brought this up mainly due to the art and while that is an issue (one that I'll never unsee if Riot doesn't fix it), I just want to go over the fact that we're once again getting a stupid prestige skin. Why? Prestige skins are just...dumb. They can basically be summed up as over-glorified gold chromas. Yeah, they have some small tweaks to the appearance but not all the time. FUCK, look at Aatrox as an example, what's the difference there besides the color of his effects?!?! Every other skin has done fairly well looking different but is it really worth spending almost $100 dollars on chests to gain the tokens for an alternate skin, which sometimes minor appearance changes, and mostly gold effects, when you could just get the regular version for far, FAR cheaper and have more colors and just as much fun with it? Not to mention the fact that this is all being tied to another event so it means, saving up for this skin or spending stuff on loading borders n' shit instead. --- And that's my two cents. I'm really frustrated in the majority of champs chosen for this year, I'm disappointed in their appearances, I'm pissed about yet another Prestige skin and another event (especially since I'm running low on money again), it's all just a big disappointment for me this year. Riot just seemed to play it way too safe for this but somehow is also making it half-assed.
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