DJ Sona Q&A [CLOSED] **Edit: Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by! It was fun answering all your questions and we'll see you on the Rift!** Hey guys, The skins team is stepping out from behind the curtain for some Q&A about DJ Sona! Whether you’re interested in her development, her music or other fun facts about skins – ask away and we’ll be happy to answer! If you missed DJ Sona’s opening set, get all the details on League’s premier disc jockey [here]( * Nathan "Riot Paradox" Moorman * Elie "Riot Ve1vet" Lehman * Jeremy "Jestercapp" Putnam * Heather "Riot Baconhawk" Jones * Brennan "Riot Reaper" Haase * Paul "Partiest Cat" Jarvis * Sunny "Kindlejack" Pandita * Eugene "kyugene" Kang * Paul "Paulewog" Hoefener * Myke "DontHassleDaHoff" Hoff * Paul "RiotZeronis" Kwon * Katey "Riot KateyKhaos" Putelis * Adam "Riot AdamUnicorn" Kupratis * Tom "Riot Whist" Robbins * Toa "Iceburrg" Dunn * Viranda "Viranimal" Tantula
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