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During one of the Ask Riot QAs, someone asked what it was like to be swallowed by Tahm Kench (whether it was dark, cold, warm, sticky, etc), and the editor of R&D, Riot Tiger Lily, wrote one of the greatest things I've ever read in response. I just wanted to tell Tiger Lily how much I liked it. It's extremely difficult to make anyone feel much of anything with words on a page (or a screen), but this piece breathed. The descriptions were beyond evocative, and the final, sickening twist is the only literary equivalent of feeling one's stomach drop. If you haven't written a novel yet, you bloody damn well better. The text of the response is reproduced below. >Like waking up some crisp, lazy morning and realizing you've got nowhere you need to be, no demands of your time, no one to please or let down. The day is yours, all yours and you can sleep in as long as you like. So you pull the covers up around you and snuggle into their soft, pillowy hug, drifting back into that milky dreamland that welcomes you with kisses on your cheeks and a lullaby floating by on the breeze. > >Like unfurled sails that suddenly puff and billow with a POP as wind catches their cupped hands of canvas, pushing your boat into the great unknown of the golden horizon. A fresh slate, all your mistakes forgiven and a new world of adventure awaiting your arrival. You don't even look back. The future is that exciting. You can't take your eyes off it. You feel the momentum of your boat slide easily into a smooth groove atop the green sea, as if your whole life were leading up to this exhilarating moment. You stretch your arms out and let the sea spray mist your skin like fluttering confetti. > >Like mustering all your courage from the deepest wells of your heart to finally confess, "I love you," expecting heartbreak and disappointment to follow your words like a shadow. But instead, your love's eyes glisten, their lips tremble as they take your hand in theirs as they reply, "Why didn't you say so sooner?" pressing their rose petal lips to yours in the kiss you've longed so long for. > >But all that only lasts a moment. > >And when your dream curdles and sours into a poisonous nightmare you can't be woken from, when dark waves crash over you, sinking your soul to the bottom of some forgotten abyss, and your love begins to laugh, the cruel, pitying shake in their voice that you'll never unhear—you'll know. You'll know what it feels like to be swallowed by the demon you bargained with. For you are but a morsel to his mouth, an aperitif to his tongue, and when the sweet slide of being swallowed is over, he will surely make a meal of you. >-_Riot Tiger Lily_
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