champion power tier list ( part 1) -top tiers( lore wise)

So before i present my list it is important to clarify some things : 1. The only information that i consider **canon is the information that already exists in the universe **, everything that happens during the game or in old cinematics is not canon and thus i will not take it into account! 2. Although specualtion is inevitable i will try to relay mostly on feats ...**In general feats will be valued more than anything else.** 3. Just because a champion says that he can do something does not mean that he can actualy do it.Aatrox often calls himself the world ender..however since he hasnt destroyed a world yet and we know what he truly is we will not take that specific claim that seriously! 4. Although iam well accustomed with the lore i am bound to forget some details so dont be too harsh with me :P 5. In each tier champion power increases from left ro right! 6. **spoilers** by the way! ##so lets begin ! *** * #tier 1 : {{champion:136}} ok this is pretty straightforward , aurelion stomps every other champion be seer size alone..also with only a fraction of his power see was able to produce enough energy to evaporate riversand turn mountains to dust! Last but not least he can use fully grown stars as a weapon '' **After all,** **I can’t fling a full-fledged star at this fragile world.**'' * #tier 2 : {{champion:34}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:106}} and the seal sister.(in this specific tier (5 ) is not applied) All of them are higher spirits that embody cerrtain aspects on nature..Anivia can control true ice , orhn can melt said ice , seal sister can cool orhns flames and volibear can counter seal sister with thunder(?) point is that there is a balance between them.. -anivia loses to orhn , wins volibear and is on a stalemate with seal sister. -orhn wins aniva , loses to seal sister and is on a stalemate with volibear. -volibear wins seal sister , loses to anivia and is on a stale mate with orhn. -finally seal sister wins orhn , loses to volibear and is on a stalemate with anivia. In general their elemental magic is immense since we know anivia is the one spreading the ice in frelijord ( a pretty big region) and orhn created the howling abyss and the bridge above it) * #tier 3:{{champion:101}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:58}} some of them have super human strengh , speed and reflexes while at the same time they all possess unique and powerful supernatural abilities! {{champion:101}} is the most powerful ascendant , capable of easily overpowering nasus with his current power..also the fact that his body is made entirely of arcane energy gives his a significant advantage in battle..pantheons for example no matter how numerous could never hope to defeat him!Moreover , after his ascension the capital of shurima was anihilated just by the power he released!Lets also not forget that xerath has speed greater or equal to nasus that moved so fast the human eye could barely see him! A case can be made for xerath being tier 2.5 or even 2 (unbound) however since we measure a champions current strength xerath remains at the higher end of tier 4 {{champion:75}} is well versed in both magical and psychical combat .Fought and defeated a golem several times bigger than him.Was able to withstand hits from xerath ( magic resistance ) .Normal weapons have barely any effect on him. {{champion:58}} . A bit weaker than nasus ( in my opinion ) since the lack of magic and sanity nake him less versatile! {{champion:161}} is the strongest voidborn and most likely at the same level as nasus! In fall of icathia we saw other less intelligent and evolved voidborn overpowering ascendants! {{champion:127}} lissandra is an entity far older than the ascendants , her powers let her control true( and dark) ice a substance that trapped the watchers , masters of the the vodi trapped for millenia ! Lissandra is propably as strong as nasus as well .. {{champion:268}} Not much data about the powers of azir unfortunately , if i had to make a guess i would say he is weaker than nasus since he recently aquired his powers and may not ahve explored their full potential yet! {{champion:13}} a powerful arcmage.. his powers are most likely passively growing due to constant exposure to the world rune ( we can see the effect that even the presence of a world rune can have to yogo that despite being a normal human was able to match ryze in battle).Ryze also is able to incapacitate brand , a being fused with the power of a world rune ! finaly ryze was able to withstand the void corruption ( as seen in the cinematic) and countered with a magic attack that made the voidnorn explode..Ryzes main weakness that ''roots'' him near the end of the 4 tier is hsi lack of inhuman speed and reactions that all the other denizens of the tier possess ( minus lissandra?) ,,,combine that with a high magic resistance ascendads like nasus have displayed ( fights against xerath ).. {{champion:142}} is the only aspect with solid feats ...she can manipulate time, hope between space (even during battle) and one of ehr attacks turned an entire guard tower (at least ) to dust! She is mainly here due to her time manipulation.. * # tier 4 : {{champion:90}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}} and {{champion:134}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:63}} In tier 4 we find the targonian avatars ( and some powerful magic casters)...although those vessels have supernatural powers granted by the entities that fused with them they are still limited by their human body! Honestly i need your help here i am thinkig of downgrading the avatars even more..I mean celestials seems to relay on numbers than individual power ( a lot of vessels). {{champion:90}} seems to be the antithesis of the targonian vessels ..he is infused with the power of the void! {{champion:134}} was able to lift multiple noxian warships in the air and crush them down with force msot likely empowered by the spirit of ionia! {{champion:43}} nuked a noxian ship..ability to keep the memories of her previous lifes! * #tier 5 : {{champion:203}}{{champion:223}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:56}} The thing with spirits and demons is that in most scenarios , even if their psychical manifestation is destroyed they can still retaliate at the spirtual ream and regenerate.Also the power of spirits ( kindred and janna) seems to rely on the magnitude of their legend while the power of demons is linked to the consumption of human emotions.So i consider kindred the strongest of them all since their legend is known all across runeterra.We recently learned that tahm kench can be called even in places like piltover that means he is an old and powerful demon . Nocturne and evelynn seems to be relatively unknown demons since neither the illuminators or vayen seemed to be aware of their existance ( although to be fair that may be a result of the demons nature..evelynn whould obviously want to keep her true nature a secret ). * #tier 6 : {{champion:266}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:110}} Being a darkin is for me overrated ! Yes darkin were ascended but they now have lost most of the advantages of being one. Their body is weak and fragile , the conciousness the body initialy belonged may rebel against the darkin , leading to difficulites in control of their own body! However they still retain their supernatural abilites. so continiuing the tier list for lower tiers will take huge amounts of time (or so i think ...thus i dont know when i will do the second part..Thanks for reading anyway !{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} #Edit 1 : zoe upgrade to tier 4 due to time manipulation she displayed at her lore :''Zoe created a time bubble,''and normal attacks that can turn an entire guard tower to dust..The reason zoe is not tier 2 is bcause she lacks massive destructive capabilties (at least as far as we know) . . . #Edit 2 : due to popular demand Ryze will be evaluated wthout the world runes ! . . . #Edit 3 : read the clarifications at the beggining of the post before leaving a comment pls !! . . #Edit 4 : ryze will be moved higher within the same tier becuase his magic was strong enough to destroy what we assume to be true ice !
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