Should Riot expand upon Jhin's backstory?

This post is just me wanting to see everyone's opinion on how Riot deciding how Jhin's story will progress, seeing as we get to look at him more within the lore thanks to the Zed comics. Personally, I could go either way. Jhin is a very intriguing character who raises several questions, such as "_What made Jhin the way he is?_", "_Who was he before he was 'Jhin'?_", and "_What the **fuck** is up with his shoulder?_". I am sure Riot made him a very mysterious and ambiguous character to bring in that intrigue, and is the basis of his entire character as the theatrical psycho. But on the other hand, if Riot does end up revealing his identity, then the whole mysterious vibe he has is just erased entirely, and basically just makes him almost like every other champion. His anonymity is his identity as a character to us, and that's what makes him so interesting, because you always ask yourself, "Who is he?". It's almost like we're characters within the lore as well, as no one else knows Jhin's true identity either. I'd probably lean more towards keeping his background ambiguous but I'm open for more lore anytime, so what do you guys think?
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