Opinion: Repeated skin releases disvalues a champion.

Yasuo, Kai'sa, Lux and Ezreal. These champion have received a large amount of skins in a short period and as you know, many have protested against this. But what I see from my own perspective is that due to "exploring fantasies" as they say it, these champion has become more and more "generic" over the years. They follow a certain fantasy archetype, but outside of that they seem to become more and more hollow after one skin release. Do people acknowledge Ezreal is even a explorer these days? Or did he just devolve into just a blonde brat? Is Lux just really this shallow? Just a teenage girl who shoots out stuff? What became of Yasuo's sense of honor and traditionalism? This arcade skin in particular is out of character. Kai'sa...well I'm SURE the design team knows what the hell she is. Just please, handle your characters you made carefully. They are starting to become "nothing". Keep them consistent with personality. Ps: I'm still waiting for a better Syndra skin.

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