No More Login Screens? Champion Pages?

Anyone else feels like riot just doesn't care anymore about putting love into this game? Login screens are one of my favourite parts of league, it's always hype to load up on a new patch to see the new champ on it, but Sylas was tacked onto the season 9 login (which I hate season logins personally), and Yuumi's login was incomplete AND not even shown logging in. Now no Mord one on PBE, DC Jhin feels not up to standard (same with BA Ezreal), and Qiyana's I'm doubtful of happening. And now we're having champion reveal pages in client, which might be okay but they aren't even close to enjoyable as seeing the hype of a whole page for them, with visuals, videos, unique layout. I doubt we'll ever get as good as these in the client. I'm just disappointed with this year, I love all these sorta things a lot and we're just. not getting them anymore. Why even make a champion theme song if you're not going to have a login screen for them? It's so pointless, and we can't even see the client champ reveals ever again, so that's also just sad. Y'all have such an amazing art team too, so not seeing the work we're used to is sad to see. I love riot art a lot.. Not going to start on how crap logins for MSI and all that feel, they don't make me personally feel hyped to play like a champion or a cool skin login. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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