Riot, we need an update if animated login screens are still a thing

There are some rumours going around that Riot is scrapping login screens now to save that bit of extra time and money. Example is Mordekaiser’s theme being released on YouTube as not a login screen animation. This also started back with Yuumi as well and even Battle Academia, even though it was part of MSI and BA reusing their theme instead and only using Ezreal’s splash art instead of something unique. I really hope they make a post about it. I really love the animated champion login screens, even if like 5% admire it, they’re still really cool to watch, and adds something unique to League. ~~And probably the time I post this, they probably release the theme of Dark Cosmic Jhin, and we’ll see whether it’s an animation or no~~ Just woke up to Dark Star Jhin’s, and I must say, music wise it’s really amazing, the animated screen... there is so much that’s just stale, it’s not detailed enough, you see Dark Star Thresh and Ori/Kha screen and that was pretty much detailed from every movement. I think it is true.. they really are removing it
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