Tristana VU feedback

Unfortunately, I have a few problems with Tristana. Well, actually just one: **She doesn't look like Tristana. Or a Yordle, for that matter.** I *think* this has got to do with her face, ears and body shape. * Live Tristana has a **square**-ish face, while PBE Tristana's is **triangular**. All other Yordles have **square** or **round** faces. * Live Tristana's ears point **backwards**, while PBE Tristana's point **to the sides**. * Live Tristana's body is **child-like** and **fully covered**, while PBE Tristana appears to have a **hourglass figure** and a **bared midriff**. All other Yordles are **child-like** and **fully covered**. If you'd make Tristana's jaw squarer, turn her ears so that they point backwards, and cover her midriff (and/or make her body look more like Lulu's), I think it would help a lot with her readability and visual cohesion with the other Yordles.
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