I'm Disappointed Over the New Battle Boss Skins

Honestly, I don't know why they went with Yasuo and Qiyana, the skins look like darker colored Arcade skins as opposed to the Battle Boss skinline. They really don't look anything like the previous skins. So far the champs with Battle Boss skins are {{champion:45}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:53}} Just for comparison, here are all the splash arts, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DFmkJ4jXYAAjZ5j.jpg https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-AeSvboztbAA/WYyiZ_20YfI/AAAAAAAArbQ/oPg2fsu7IlssaDM6jfXVcvii3hCNlNwxgCLcBGAs/s640/image%2B%252812%2529.jpg https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/RzvqORfFZythw9wch2hRceMVF3M=/0x0:1215x717/1920x0/filters:focal(0x0:1215x717):no_upscale()/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/8969995/0cc5d2b2d1adba2a.jpg https://www.mobafire.com/images/champion/skins/landscape/blitzcrank-battle-boss.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/cmOWdbEiYr0/maxresdefault.jpg Notice how the majority of them are not human, however Malz and Brand look nothing like humans at all. They are humanoid, but not human. The entire skinline has the same feel. And then you get to Qiyana and Yasuo, https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-QhaBoYw01XM/XP_pyOnzUTI/AAAAAAABUSE/NeNdawLW_MA9GDm-2hMjq5BvgdFzsPe2ACLcBGAs/s640/246001.jpg https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-GCT1LWEWLoY/XP_pwXcMjOI/AAAAAAABUR8/B790sboIbcYRlWvG_8aaTzu-Dq1etcjVgCLcBGAs/s640/157017.jpg They look.....nothing like the previous Battle Bosses at all. More like edgy arcade skins. Qiyana looks like some sort of Dark Candy/Arcade mix, the skins don't fit either of those champions. Yasuo just looks like an Arcade edgelord, not some big mechanical boss I'd fight in my videogame like Malz or Brand. I would've LOVED to see Battle Boss {{champion:161}}, he's perfect for this skinline. In fact theres a lot of other champs that would have fit this better than the two they picked...and if they really wanted to go with these 2 champs they could've done a much better job at remaining true to the original design because this really doesn't scream Battle Boss at me. Just my 2 cents.
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