Petition to add what's truly missing on the map...

So, I was looking at the map, as I do every now and then, when I was suddenly struck with horror upon realizing that something very important was missing. Indeed, Riot's map is accurate, interesting, and incredibly well-made... But they fucked up on that one I swear. Sure, they have a lot to do, and they can't always update the map. Sure, this map is a great gift for us lore nerds. But it's not accurate as you may think. Something _really_ important is missing... ####**_~~WHY ISN'T THERE HALF A FORTRESS FLYING OVER IONIA?~~_** Yes, you heard me right. There should be half a fortress flying over Ionia. But there isn't? **Even worse!** Fae'lor is a pin on the map, despite the fact that it was destroyed and taken away by Syndra! I cannot enjoy the map at its fullest knowing that. This is truly, truly disappointing. I trust Riot will make the right decision concerning that now that this is a known issue. Please give us the half fortress we deserve. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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