Riot can you remove the expiration date on Prestige Points?

I have 39 Prestige Points that I've collected them from masterwork chests that I buy with leftover RP after getting a pack or something and from something else idk what honestly (for those of you that judge me buying masterwork chests, don't. I'm pretty lucky with them and I've gotten like 4 legendary skins from them). However, I didn't know that prestige points expired. I figured that I would eventually reach 100, but it's kind of dumb that they expire. I searched up why, and no one seems to agree with the idea that it expires and just says it's a way to make money. Riot, if you're there, please listen to your players and get rid of the expiration date of prestige points. If anything, at least give a reward like hextech chests from prestige points that expire. I find it hard to believe that you would make something that people spend money on to expire. If I had known they expired, I probably would not have bought the masterwork chests in the first place. Please Riot, this really is a system that nobody approves of.
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