PROJECT: Jinx - Feedback

Okay Riot, if you're wading through this heap of mess then I won't go into too much detail of "I hate X, Y sucks too!" and "feed her some bread!" Instead, here's my constructive feedback and what I suggest, coming from a long-time lover of Jinx. **Model** 1.) **Neon.** Right now from what we've seen, this does _not_ look like a PROJECT skin. From the splash art alone, If you told me that this was a Battle Boss Jinx skin, I would believe you. The entire skin has the same colour scheme and feel as _Infiltrator Irelia_, a 975RP skin. All the other skins from this lineup have some sort of neon-esque thing going on for them; Pyke has his shoulderpads and dagger, Warwick has his tail, claws and ears, Akali has at least her hair in check, and Irelia has all of her blades and suit lit up (and even got an even shinier prestige skin, but I digress). Jinx, on the other hand, doesn't have any of that. It's just a dark purple jacket and a VR headset. At the **very least**, I think it would be plausible to identify the 'neon' accents that _may_ be on her skin already and increase the brightness, or create some neon lines across/down her legs (It would look so cool when running around), because from what i've seen... I just don't see it being a PROJECT skin at this point in time. 2.) **The Hair.** I am confused as to why the hairstyle choice was to be made out in the theme of Arcade Hecarim; why the Mohawk? A redesign would be appreciated; perhaps in the more traditional jinx route similar to Odyssey Jinx, if the clunky VR headset allows it. 3.) **The Headpiece.** Alright, now perhaps this is wishful thinking, but remove the visor. We Jinx mains _love_ our crazy-eyes. A very nice a PROJECT fitting alternative would be a Hood, seen in that one lovely piece of PROJECT: Jinx fanart everyone adored. The hairstyle changes could easily accompany it, too. **Splash Art** 1.) **The Waist.** Could you please, please, please fix her waist in the art. You _could_ rotate her torso so her spine is in-line with the rest of her body for a start, but at the same time increase the width of her stomach/hips to match. 2.) **POW-POW?** Where is her minigun? Is it inside the Fishbones 2-for-1 special? is it hidden on her back? We might never know! 3.) **Colours.** SO PAINFULLY BRIGHT PINK. Turn down the colours in her hair, and increase brightness of her 'neon' accents, wherever they might be lurking. **Final Thoughts** Alright so I think i've given some good insight into what is disliked, and what _could_ be changed. I have been wanting a PROJECT skin for my girl for a long time, as i'm sure so many others have, too. This isn't PROJECT Jinx, it's some Arcade/Infiltrator skin that has a splash of Demacia Vice mixed in. I know this skin could be so much more, and i'm willing to bet others feel the same way. Don't let my baby down, Riot. With Regards, Slayer Jinx. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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