Apparent "leaks" about Riot's upcoming plans for champs and skins

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So there was a supposed big "leak" about Riot's upcoming plans on a particular website and I have my doubts as to the legitimacy of them but here's a snippet. Basically it's a bunch of posts detailing every champion and whether or not Riot has plans for them with these posts tacked on at the end. I'd screenshot them all but that's a lot of time to waste. But in the unlikely event that it ends up being true there are some things that seem off that I'm hoping don't actually come to fruition. Xayah and Rakan don't need two sets of skins next year. That's absurd. I hope to god that Galio, Urgot, Garen, and Darius are not actually contenders for Star Guardian skins when you still have girls like Caitlyn, Sona, Vi, Ashe, Karma, etc...etc...that all could fit the aesthetic way better. There's supposedly talk of "supreme" skins that seem story driven by the idea of various characters conquering Runeterra. Namely Aatrox, Syndra, and Swain but the details of all of them is that they resemble the base look with some minor VFX/model changes. Which seems pointless then. Please do not actually make a Battle Royale mode. And the "reverse" skins seem lazy. Everyone will have their own opinions on it of course but seriously some of these plans seem ridiculous and I get they would be tentative if any of this was true in the first place.
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