Mordekaiser's Final Reign - Runeterra's wake-up call.

League of Legends sees four different forces that represent the concept of death; the most natural one, seen with Kindred, who symbolize the very process of dying. Next, there are the Shadow Isles - their creation was brought about by a grief-ridden King, and they are most closely associated with stagnation. The souls there are trapped in a cycle of death, unable to escape. The Shadow Isles as a whole may represent the inability to move on after someone's death, although that interpretation may be a bit reaching. The third force that represents death, the one that we will look at most closely in this thread, is Mordekaiser, who represents the annihilation of all life. Mordekaiser's sole goal is to bring desolation to all the realms of Runeterra and shape them to his will. But of course, death can take many forms - diseases, natural disasters, murders and so forth - so which one does Mordekaiser bring? **War.** Both in life and death, Mordekaiser was and is a conqueror. Noxus, the most warmongering empire in Runeterra, was birthed from his ideals: Destiny, Domination, Deceit parallel the noxian Principles of Strength. He is the annihilation of life through war, and he must be defeated. The fourth representation of death is the Void, but more about it later. Let's stick to Mordekaiser for now. From his color story, _The Final Reign_, we know, that Mordekaiser will at some point return to the physical plane. And the gateway to his kingdom is in Noxus, in Immortal Bastion. So how can Noxus defeat Mordekaiser? I've mentioned, that the noxian ideals and warmongering stem from Mordekaiser himself. It is through the abnegation of these ideals that he can be defeated. In the past, Mordekaiser was brought down after an alliance of many tribes united against him - in a more symbolic sense: A union has stopped war. When he returns, it will be up to Noxus to unite factions against Mordekaiser, putting their differences aside, to combat a common enemy. If Noxus falls, Demacia would soon follow; more and more souls would fall prey to Mordekaiser until he would achieve his goal. Mordekaiser is much more powerful than he was during his second reign, and similarly, a much bigger force is required to defeat him. His return will be far more permanent, as foreshadowed by his biography. The very title of his color story highlights that fact even more: _The Final Reign_. Mordekaiser shall return and what happens next is Final. Either he wins and rules for all eternity, or he fails and is doomed to fade. There cannot be anything in between. What I am describing is, of course, the endgame for League's lore. I don't expect it to happen anytime within the next years. I don't expect it to happen at all. Mordekaiser needs to be one of the final enemies they will fight. A wake-up call, after years of wars and petty manipulations, to unite and fight death itself... _because what comes next is even worse_. **The Void**. Nothingness. Death of not only all life but of all creation. It will be the last enemy for Runeterra to face and hopefully, Mordekaiser has taught them how to unite. ... And then they defeat it, destroying the concept of nothing, therefore Mordekaiser will no longer not exist,** AND HE WILL BE BACK, BABY! HE WILL BE BACK AND HE WILL WRECK THEM ALL UNTIL HE RULES IT ALL! MORDEKAISER FOR THE WIN!** _Flawless_.
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