Female Characters and Attractiveness

So this conversation pops out every now and then, and it will for a long time. Now, whether or not you're a player or Riot, or your stance on the subject, these are some questions that should be asked, Should a woman always be attractive regardless of her profession? Consider for a moment Leona and Diana. Neither of them are described as being beautiful, or at least defined by it. Should they have scars, burns, and less hair as a result? Then there's Tristana. She was the farthest thing from sexual, but was remade with a midriff. Should a woman be made unattractive because of her profession? Cassiopeia is defined as losing her beauty, but only her lower half is affected. For a woman based off of Medusa, should she be more snakelike? Kalista isn't sexual, but attractive. Should a spctre be like this? How do we even define attractiveness? Jinx is half naked, but is flat chested. Does this make her sexualized or not? Sona is always in a dress, but is busty. Both women are popular with men and women. Katarina has a scar, but she's attractive despite regardless, or even because of it. Vi has short hair and wears a suit, but she's curvy and the outfit is very tight. Is it ok for women to be attractive, but to promote diversified ideas of it? If you want unattractive women, should it be by conventual standards? Warts and burns? Scales?
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