Fiora as a character.

This is for the Story and Art team. Recently there’s been a survey going around asking people about what defines Fiora as a character for them. I didn’t get the survey but I’d like to give my opinion to the Riot story team. as an avid Fiora fan who’s been active on both Reddit and the boards I’d like to describe how I see Fiora as a character, and what defines her. The main points I’ll describe are her personality traits and her main motivations. Personality traits. When people see Fiora’s character the first thing anyone thinks is arrogant, but this is based off of old Fioras story, and it seems a lot of people haven’t bothered to read her updated lore. There is no arrogance in the way she talks or acts in her new lore. In fact her color story even mentions how people misunderstand her. 1) Confidence. It is clear Fiora knows her abilities and what she’s capable of. In her color story she explains to a man(Umberto) how he stands no chance against her, he take this as her boasting, and she kills him in one strile. In the dialogue shown in her lore, she doesn’t boast or brag once, nor does she think or say she’s better than anyone else. That would be arrogance, but that is all absent from her lore. When Fiora explains to Umberto his options she’s direct and doesn’t say it condescendingly, just that he has to choose, in Jax’s story on the bridge he several quotes/thoughts that insult the demacian soldiers he’s fighting, giving s clear picture of arrogance, anything like that is absent from Fioras story. In fact, In her interaction with Jax she doesn’t boast, she simply approaches him and states who she is. 2) Stubborn and determined. Early in Fiora’s lore she is supposed to be married, but she publicly refuses, insulting an entire noble house and forcing a duel between the families. Fiora immediately steps forward despite being young and not up to the task. There is also the notes about how despite her parents trying to get her to act like a lady she uses her dress mannequins to practice as well as forcing her brother to teach her to fight. As well as her refusal to do anything traditionally. And finally her argument with her brother about the necessity to kill Umberto and if what he said is really worth his death, where she explains how it must happen. 3/4) Intelligence and directness. It is stressed how Fiora has run her house not only through skill with a blade but also with the ability to make smart political decisions and she’s always straight to the point. When people insult her name she immediately challenges them to a fight to make sure what they said isn’t allowed to stand. In her fight with Umberto she is shown to read his moves before he’s even made it and kill him before he can do anything, while being apart of her skill, it also shows her ability to read people and act accordingly. When Fiora explains to Umberto his options she’s direct and doesn’t say it condescendingly, just that he has to choose. There is no arrogance involved. Her motivations 1) Honor. The biggest motivator to Fiora is honor. It’s why she’s so insistent on doing things the way she believes they need to be done, as well as why it’s so important her house’ name is restored. It’s why she killed her father, it’s why her father had to be killed in the first place and why she’s killed everyone else. 2) Redemption. While not expanded upon it is clear that Fiora is determined to have her family’s name restored, and based off of the characteristics shown in her lore it seems clear she’d go to great lengths to achieve it. 3) Her house. Up there with honor, bringing her family’s name back up serves as the main motivation for her actions. In her story after she killed her father it explains her every action has been for her house. All three of her main motivations tie together. I get this will probably be ignored and is unnecessary, but if Riot is asking what people think of Fiora as a character at random, I thought I’d give my view of the character as a Fiora fan.
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