Top 10 champions passed over in the skin department

We've all seen this sort of thing before The long list of champions that have gone without a new skin for months and even years, well now that urgots vgu is less than 2 weeks away , I say he's a good halfway mark for skin release passovers for this year and so if patch dates remain on schedule the accumulation of days these champions have gone without new skins will be till 26 July 1 {{champion:83}} 2225 days: hot damn that is more than half a decade and counting but the real problem for this champion has been incorporating a theme that not only works for the character but also his very unique abilities especially his maiden of mist 2 {{champion:6}} 1968 days: considering his VGU is coming soon I can understand that he won't be getting any new skins anytime soon but hopefully he doesn't end up in skin limbo like {{champion:83}} did even after his vgu 3 {{champion:50}} 1889 days: another champion that will likely have to wait longer for a new skin since he is very high on the vgu list 4 {{champion:69}} 1628 days: she has been highly requested for a new skin though there is hope. she has been promised by riot to get a new skin ' sometime in the next few months'. While that is reassuring , it will still however build up her skinless days 5 {{champion:98}} 1523 days: to be fair skins are mostly invested on the popular or the most played of champions, there are many themes in game and out of game that Shen can fit yet it has been so long since he got a new skin 6 {{champion:112}} 1393 days: a shame for such a loved champion. His problem is that his skins don't extend beyond his main theme: mechanic/ android. one skin idea I saw that I really liked was Frankenstein viktor 7 {{champion:68}} 1209 days: to be honest I have not played him a lot and rarely see him in matches and from what I see it can be difficult to find the right skin for a robot piloted by a yordle though a toy robot skin could work. 8 {{champion:74}} 1107 days: this champion never ceases to amuse me and I'm sure more funny skins can be made for him 9 {{champion:59}} 1034 days : outside war themes I don't think it will be easy for him to fit some skin themes especially with his abilities 10 {{champion:28}} 970 days : because her vgu is the next one after urgot i doubt a new skin will come out anytime this year Special mentions These mentions are for the newer champions that have gone more than a year without a new skin since their release {{champion:420}} 609 days : from what I've heard the problem has been the tentacles {{champion:136}} 488 days: all I can say to this is : FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST USE YOUR AO SHIN CONCEPT AS A SKINπŸ™„πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜«πŸ˜© {{champion:163}} 433 days: since the release of elementilist {{champion:99}} I've thought there could be many skins using many different elements for {{champion:163}}
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