A VGU that's easily overlooked

[](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/5/52/The_Black_Rose.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140705075054)https://mir-s3-cdn-cf.behance.net/project_modules/max_3840/4b587f40468099.5780441fe4927.jpg There are quite a couple of champions in League who really need a VGU as soon as possible. This champion is not one of them. Nevertheless, I feel that she's another eligible candidate who could potentially make for an excellent, game-encompassing update if (though, I suspect, 'when' is more appropriate) she is given the chance. I am, of course, talking about LeBlanc. ######**_~~Don't you trust her?~~_** _The Pale Sorceress_, _the Deceiver_, and possibly _the Faceless_ - many are the names of the mysterious woman who has time and time again manipulated the many nations of Runeterra for her own ends. LeBlanc is an old champion with a lot of history behind her, both in-universe and in a meta sense: a fairly iconic pick competitively, and a more than a little important character lore-wise, LeBlanc's age is starting to show, despite her mastery of illusion. With Mordekaiser's update looming over the horizon, and the recently released new Swain, Vladimir and Veigar lores, I believe that it's finally time for the one person who has brought them all (and others) together to reveal herself, because LeBlanc, despite her popularity, is a visually and mechanically outdated mess; she's simple, she's ugly, and she remains an unfullfillment of her fantasy as mistress of the unseen. ######**_~~Looks can be deceiving.~~_** A big question mark narratively even to Riot themselves, LeBlanc operates in obscurity, a blurred image at the edge of vision. She is the matron of the Black Rose - a secret society of her own making - and a collector of many things arcane and esoteric. She has travelled to the far corners of the world in search of secrets only she is now privy to. She is even known to pull the strings of multiple foreign leaders all at the same time. Indeed, hers is a grand plan - an unknowable scheme to cause chaos, seize absolute power, or, perhaps, do things darker still. [...she's also a hilariously tiny girl wearing an oversized cloak and a stripper outfit that seems comprised entirely out of straps and belts](https://i.imgur.com/w3kIEeH.png); for an experienced arcanist, she also likes to slam into people with her staff just a bit too much. And even with all her talk of roses, there's not a single flower to be seen in her spell effects. Speaking of 'plans' and 'motivation', what the heck is hers? Is she one person, or many? Is 'LeBlanc' an inherited title? What's her 'love' life with Swain like? And what is up with the names 'Evaine' and 'Emilia' - are they still a thing in the new lore? ######**_~~Tricky, isn't she?~~_** There are quite a couple of things that could be done with LeBlanc, thanks to the character archetype she represents. Her lore is also a veritable font of magic and mysticism, not to mention all the games of political intrigue. Despite her theme of working in the shadows, LeBlanc is not a lazy chessmaster, as she's shown she's more than willing to get her hands dirty. She's the kind of woman who gets things done. This all could play into her gameplay, in the form of bewildering spells; if she's a stage magician, let her perform great magical tricks. Clones, illusory swords, ethereal chains, dashing around: she does all of this already, except in a really boring manner. More importantly (for Story, Art & Sound, at least), there's a lot about LeBlanc herself we don't know: wouldn't diving into the mind of a political and magical mastermind be interesting? LeBlanc also has connections to a lot of the game's factions, and she as a character is not only influential in Noxus. You like Darius? She is the kind of enemy he fights against. You like Riven? This woman made her sword. Are you a fan of the Du Couteaus? I am too, and she's pretty important in their story. Perhaps you like leaders of men? She seems to like them too, considering her 'thing' with Mordekaiser, Darkwill and Swain. And what about Shurima, the Freljord, Demacia, Targon? Yup, she's probably been there some several dozen times; in fact, I'd be surprised if she wasn't doing naughty things there at this very moment. Perhaps LeBlanc is actually the friends we made along the way? ######**_~~It's all smoke and mirrors.~~_** All this, of course, doesn't mean that she takes precedence over champions who are in a more sticky situation, but LeBlanc just happens to be one of those characters who could be something really great; at the very least, she could be much better than what we have right now. Besides, a LeBlanc update indirectly affects like, 95% of the champion roster. I guess if you want more Lux, you could always ask the Pale Woman for a favor? {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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