What's the actual excuse of TD Yasuo?

Until the MV came out, I gave Riot the benefit of the doubt that, like K/DA, most likely the champions were chosen by the artists they were voiced by in the MV. But as it turns out, Yasuo got no lines, and wasn't even tied to a producer's name, nothing. Just here to be pretty. Now while I can still assume that Qiyana and Akali were chosen by their voices, which is fine, what is Yasuo's excuse for a second skin this year aside "I'm here to get all the Yasuo fanboys' money"? Shen for example would've been a much more welcome choice honestly. I don't think I even prefer him over Yasuo, I think it'd have been really exciting to see one of the "forgotten" champions get such a spotlight, even if to only look pretty.
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