This year has been really lack lusting in events in terms of uniqueness

When riot said in the skins 2019 vid that they were going to bring back Project and Star Guardian, I was excited because last year’s events were amazing! Hell, the surprise odyssey event was the most fun I had last year for league. Now, every event we’ve had this year was just 2 missions every week, tokens and passes and nothing else. What happened? What happened to the unique missions or game modes? When they said they’re going to stop making unique game modes, that just made it worst. What happened to the excitement or fun? I think what captures the whole feeling of this year’s events is the upcoming Star Guardian Skins. I’ve never seen the story/skin community to be this divided in a while. And when riot teases the skins on the invasion map, the game mode that we probably might not see again, it made even more discourse against the company This year isn’t the best year for league imo. Nothing wasn’t really memorable. Not even the new champs were great. I’ve even forgotten a new region was revealed due to how it was forced to be released in the same patch as TFT and the Arcade event. I’ve heard and seen the leaks about riot making a new fighting game and league being on mobile, which even though I very much disagree putting league on mobile, it’s great they’re at least trying to go different routes and market, I don’t think sacrificing league, a game that’s been made nearly 10 years with a big fan base just so you they make other projects.
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