I am disappointed with this new Nami Skin, and know there will be more skins like it

https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-bbX2MHocfig/XXqbn2RUBmI/AAAAAAABYj4/XVpFYSdNXz8iLyvbM7wlXmthULujLEbzQCLcBGAsYHQ/s1600/267015.jpg Here's the link to the image posted by Surrender@20 of the new skin Splendid Staff Nami The one issue with it is that they made her WAYY too human. Nami is supposed to be a fish with some human like features. Somewhat like a mermaid, but with more scales. Each and every one of her prior skins have been true to this lore, and some skins went above and beyond with the design like Deep Sea Nami where she's re-imagined as a Siren, or Program Nami where she becomes a robotic fish. However, the issue with transforming her into a human is that she loses her identity as Nami. Looking at this splash art, you can see ZERO qualities that Nami possesses in prior skins. You see a few scales under her eyes and just have to assume that the fish tail attached to the lower half of her body (which is hidden by the water in the splash art) is supposed to be adequate. A similar issue happened with Star Guardian Neeko, where her skin is now pale, and her features are more human, ruining her identity as a Chameleon. If you didn't want to read that paragraph here is a tl;dr: Riot making non-human champs into weeb-bate in newer skins, which is ruining their champion identity, but also making it difficult to differentiate which champion is which.

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