What are your biggest fears regarding your favourite champions/regions' future?

Hi everyone! Lately, I've been thinking a lot about "what would annoy me the most regarding X or Y champ's future?", and while I thought a lot about mine, I'm wondering about other people's. Since I don't think a lot about other champions' future, I'm interested in knowing what you're the most afraid of regarding their future. Other than, you know, death for the most part! So yeah... Tell me what, in your opinion, is the worst thing that could happen to your favourite champion? Or region, if you're more invested in regions than champions! I'll share mine below! I'll also leave a poll (a serious one, for once!) 1. Regarding Syndra, my biggest fear is that she'll be irrelevant. She already feels irrelevant to the world around her because she hasn't done much, and I'm afraid she never will. I'm also afraid she'll become a mindless villain with no real motive, since she currently lacks a defined personality and goal. 2. My second fear is regarding Kayle and Morgana. Both of which I dearly love, and I fear one of them will eclipse the other. While I know a lot of people think that's already the case, I don't feel like it is... _yet_. And again, my biggest fear is that one of them becomes irrelevant next to the other. That's about it for me! Now tell me what's yours! I'm not saying these are rational fears or whatever, I think Riot's writers and editors are very good, but it sometimes happens that a writer's plan doesn't align with your hopes. Which is totally fine, it is their story to write, but I also think it's fine to voice aloud some fears and concerns! :p
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