My Hopes for future darkin

We have 3 darkin already and one of them being a really old champ (Varus) Of course that leads us with 2 more as Varus quotes “I will unite the 5” probably not exactly that but I know that he says something about 5 darkin being present in runeterra locked in a weapon or not Here are my hopes for the next upcoming darkin Support Darkin: I hope the support darkin is a shield holder much like a darker counterpart of braum. He/She’s gotta be a badass support darkin that uses the shield for offense and defense why not add a shield bash that does a mini bash and temporarily stuns or knocks up an opponent or maybe he/she can split the shield in two and dual wield it that would be so cool I hope the darkin support will be as terrifying as Pyke or thresh Mid: There are two options assasin darkin or mage darkin For the assasin idk what it could use honestly assasins usually have more than one weapon or a variety of them so idk but if riot can pull off an assasin riot thatd be cool For the mage darkin it could use a staff or maybe the darkin is a magic book that has secret darkin spells in it and i hope to see a mage darkin that drains its opponents with magic now that would be sick
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