Ashe: Warmother Physical Edition Available Now!

####**_~~Reminder~~_** ## Hey guys, posting this thread to remind everyone that the phsyical edition of Ashe: Warmother is now available for purchase! The paperback contains the 4 Issues of the comic plus there is bonus content that we haven't seen before in any special or normal edition. Keep in mind that you can also purchase 2 or more comics if you collect them or want to gift them to a friend or maybe you want to donate a comic to the local library like **Lady Faceless **here on the boards did! **Remember to leave a review!** You can buy the physical edition in your local comic store, on [Amazon]( Kindle) or [Comixology]( For more Information on other editions and purchase options visit this [Thread]( Special thanks to **Falrein **for allowing me to share a picture of the comic he ordered! This is what it looks like:[]
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