Speaking of Title Changes... Sivir?

I have always felt for the longest time that {{champion:15}} Sivir is in _SEVERE_ need of a title change. From her conception she has had no flavor, personality or points of interest to her character, but her rework has given her tons of lore and a ton more personality, so I'd like to see her title also changed to match her new plot relevance. "Battle Mistress" has never conveyed anything other than that she's a woman and that she fights, so I'd love to see a title more befitting of her desert renegade lifestyle, or her lost tie to Shurima's legacy. Perhaps a "_[blank]_ of the Sands" title to match the other Shuriman champions (I'm personally fond of "Chaser of the Sands"), or at least something that describes her as a hardy desert mercenary. Suggestions?
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