riot removed references to iconic metal bands from mordes skill names and thats sad

in case you were not aware, all of mordes abilities were previously references to OR direct quotations of titles of songs by really iconic metal bands. passive: iron man: song by black sabbath Q: mace of spades: ace of spades by motorhead W: (old) creeping death / (new) harvester of sorrow: both songs by metallica E: siphon of destruction: symphony of destruction by megadeth R: children of the grave: song by black sabbath changing lore is one thing, but the original morde design was a pretty fucking obvious homage to classic metal. this is the reason pentakill exists. its a huge part of what he represented. taking this away from him is an insult to the spirit of his original design and strips most of the character out of him. its pretty sad to see one of the cooler ideas in league get stripped away and transformed into more generic league-by-numbers nonsense

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