Just a little bit of appreciation for Kindred

So, I've been playing a lot of Kindred lately and just been listening to their voicelines on youtube and just realized how damn much I love this champion. Honestly, I haven't read any lore since the Mount Targon event (and before that the last time I read any of it was when Rift Herald still was a newspaper :D ) and still haven't read Kindred's, but just the voicelines of this champion give me the shivers. There are a lot of champions where I like the voicelines because they're kinda fun or badass, but Kindred is on another level for me. If there was some kind of spin-off game I'd actually love to see it would be a game that follows the journey of lamb and wolf. In my opinion this also is the champ that actually tells you the most about what kind of character(s) you're actually playing and the story behind it. Hats off to the designers of Kindred! {{champion:203}}
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