What are the Baccai compared to Darkin, Ascended and Aspects (and other lore Questions)

With the new Darkin lore which I am loving, we now have yet to see one more, the Baccai, which is only introduced to us by a loading screen narrative tip. With the Darkin lore showing a light on how Ascended, Aspects and Darkin works, we still have yet to see a Baccai. Have these god like beings witnessed a Baccai before? What sort of power do they have if compared to these beings. This is the description of what Baccai are from the loading screen tip "In Shurima, those who survived a failed Ascension ritual are known as the Baccai, who often are twisted and malformed." And for other lore questions, if Azir meets Aatrox, Varus or Rhaast, will he still recognized them? Will they recognize Azir? And will Nasus recognize them as well? And how does Sivir's weapons work now? Does it contain the souls of the Ascended? Can Sivir hear them? And is Diana basically connected to it now, since Ta'anari combined the power of the Moon (with the help of an aspect of twilight) to defeat the other Ascended? Sorry for asking too many questions, but There's so much revealed but so many more questions to be asked {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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