Riot really needs to stop over-sexualizing fantasy dragons. Do you see this chiseled piece of celestial goodness right here? Do you think that this is *at all* realistic? **It's not.** This dragon was drawn just to catch the attention and money of sexually repressed teenage dragons (male or female, we don't judge here). This kind of Do you see those lean biceps and deltoids? Do you see how they seem to shine with celestial energy? See how they glow with the light of the stars? That's highly unrealistic. Normally a dragon's arms would be covered in small scales, like this Aurelion Sol's upper and lower arms show clear signs of "scale plucking" a recent and extraordinarily unhealthy fad where a dragon gets their scales plucked at a very young age in order to expose the tender, but "more attractive" skin beneath. It is far more pronounced on his lower body, where he is almost completely bare The negative side affects of this disgusting fad are far to long to list here, so I won't, but riot **NEEDS** to stop encouraging this. On top of that, do you see the plates on his back? These kinds of thick, long plates are not properly extremely restrictive to body movement. They can result in debilitating back pain later in life. Telling young draklings to grow out their back plates teaches them bad habits. Aurelion sol isn't the only one with an unrealistic body either. All of the dragons in this game have utterly unrealistic body types. It's impossible for a normal dragon to achieve these astronomical standards of beauty. This isn't even peak beauty, this is far beyond it. Showing impressionable young teenage dragons these kinds of bodies normalizes them and makes them feel inadequate. Riot should be much more considerate of these draklings and show off more body types in their dragons. It's time for things to change.
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