Who would Win: Round one! Urgot Versus Camille

I'm going to start posting hypothetical "Who would win" Fights. This is speaking purely Canonical, not based on in game. I chose this as a first matchup, because in a few ways, they're opposites and Similar. {{champion:6}} is Zaun's Robin hood/Bane figure, and {{champion:164}} is a wealthy assassin for Piltover. The setting of the fight would be deep in the Sumps of Zaun, but fairly close to the top of the Sumps. Camille was sent down by chem barons to kill Urgot, and Urgot, through many of his followers, learned about Camille coming, and has been preparing, and ready for when she shows. He considers Camille an equal, but unworthy. When Camille finds him and attempts to first strike, Urgot is able to dash away before impact. Now ready to fight, the battle is in your hands. Don't make biased decisions and clearly think this through! Post discussions on who you'd think would win in the comments. EDIT: I figured I should add my thoughts and predictions. Basically, Urgot really just has to land one or two shots from either his gun or knee or both. The question is, would he be able to? I believe he would. Urgot is by no means not intelligent. It would be a matter of prediction and huge area damage, as hers would be a precise, clean hit. The fight itself i feel leans into Urgot's favor, but could go either way.
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