I don't believe the Ixtal Territory in the Universe Map

When they first mention/revealed the Ixtal Faction, I was so excited because the eastern jungles would really become a faction on its own and all of the jungle champs would have a place now and very well represented. However, looking at its territory in the map, its so small. https://imgur.com/oH4tUOE I think the territory is only best suited if it is only highlighting the Ixaocan Territory/Ixaocan City, but not, Its the whole Ixtal. I expected the Ixtal Region to be all the Eastern Jungles and even Kumungu is part of it. Even jungle champs live and spread outside of the Ixtal Map Territory(based on the map) going from the kumungu jungles, to the serpentine delta or even to mud town/paretha. I expected it to cover this territory other than the one seen in the map. https://imgur.com/mg5MECa I hope you guys could reevaluate this, and i hope I could get your side on as to why the Ixtal Region is so small. Thanks and more Power!! PS: If the elemental drakes are in the Ixtal Region, it means, shyvanna's mother lives there are maybe she is an infernal drake. this is a nice touch since a pilty found her egg and piltovans has connections to Ixtal. I really hope Yvva's volcano could be seen in the map or is it an inactive one/ a flat one like yellow stone thats why it can't be seen/comprehend in the map?
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