Odin 'WAAARGHbobo' Shafer struck out a good share of the plot! STORY DARKINS!

Let's start with the emergence of capitals. Demasia and Noxus, they formed after the victory Protectorates. There is no other way, if they won Magelords then the magicians would inhabit the world and we didn’t have {{champion:517}} . Well, if seriously only magicians inhabited the world, and in society we infringed on those who do not own magic. Demasia is the opposite.So, the Protectorate won only because {{champion:266}} intervened in the course of the war and inspired the wars to victory. The new story, written by Shafer, denies the existence of {{champion:266}} in the human world. That is, the protectorate has lost, right? Sorry, but simple wars without magic could not so easily defeat the Magelords. Even if you forget about it, the old {{champion:266}} influenced many events on the Runeterra. He helped Noxus in wars, even Shurim, there are references to this in artifacts and tombs that {{champion:81}} found. {{champion:266}} also created {{champion:23}} , whom we know. It was he and the other Darkins who taught the people of the first, ancient magic. As we can judge by the new lore, the true Targonians possessed the magic of space / aspects, while the rest did not possess magic. The first blood magic helped to heal and replenish strength, most likely the teacher of {{champion:8}} was close to Darkin. Simply put, the Darkins have too much influence on Runterra; one cannot just erase them from history. Let's go in order. 1. Why is Darkin’s new knowledge bad? 2. What was the good old lore? 3. What opportunities does the old lore give? {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} 1)A new Darkin story says that they (in fact, it is not clear who) is because if they should be "ascendants", then they should be like {{champion:268}} , {{champion:75}} or {{champion:58}} . Least. Secondly, instead of interesting characters, we get a bunch of Egyptian gods, I know they are cool, but when instead of something completely new they give you a story from real life. Thirdly, they were made too stupid, that is, you really believe that the abyss simply causes a thirst for power, instead of stroking a new organism and becoming stronger. And what is the Shafer problem. He wrote the story of the {{champion:142}} , I’ll say right away that I love him very much and respect him, with my favorite stories about {{champion:421}} , {{champion:223}} and of course about {{champion:202}}. She is also amazing, but you see, he wrote the story of the new {{champion:266}} . This is how you write a fairy tale about your characters and for him you need to come up with a villain whom he must defeat. {{champion:142}} and {{champion:266}} , like all Darkins, now play at the behest of the author. I worry, not only about {{champion:266}} , but also about other Darkins({{champion:141}},{{champion:110}}) and their fate. Do you really want to see them tyrants and tantrums, especially the sister of {{champion:110}} . The concept of the Ascended is not interesting in itself, but they should not be Darkins. Yes, and I saw a touch of Nazism, because {{champion:142}} decided to kill all Darkins, and those who did not come to the meeting were doomed to eternal imprisonment. And somehow it does not fit, because Raast{{champion:141}} and {{champion:110}} are imprisoned in wells, and not in weapons. 2)We pass to the second point. Now you will understand everything. Lore Darkins let us know that there are other worlds with other races. He also showed how dangerous the abyss is. Now, because of Kays, we treat the abyss and its creation as small flies, and that the {{champion:121}} , {{champion:161}} , {{champion:421}} , {{champion:31}} . this is the maxim that it can. But in reality, they are only pawns that simply explore Runeterra. The real power of the abyss, can destroy the whole world. I somehow do not believe that only Shurima and Targon defended the world from it. Here Darkins come, the first was {{champion:266}} , who helped stab in battles and taught blood magic. If I am not mistaken, {{champion:266}} arrived in the Shurima Heyday. {{champion:110}} , when Shurima had already fallen. He did not know what happened during this time. According to the old comic book, it can be judged that there were much more Darkins, but they did not enslave people and the rest of the races, they prepared them for a battle with the abyss. But because of their strength, in addition to honor, they began to fear, so the "Golden Queen" decided before her death to imprison the remaining most powerful Darkins in the wells. The first well about which I know everything in Ionia, {{champion:110}} was imprisoned there. The next Raast{{champion:141}} , he was imprisoned in a well, which was in Noxus, {{champion:50}} spoke about this. Yes, to keep a well of blood and such a powerful being was beneficial for the country, as now a nuclear bomb.{{sticker:sg-lulu}} We continue our journey. The next {{champion:266}} , his well was in Freljord, there was much to say about this, and he tied himself to this place, it was still extremely belligerent, which was in his hand. After awakening, {{champion:110}} began to search for his sister and he went to Shurima, but he did not find anyone in the well. Although this well healed {{champion:15}} . But we know that after the healing of {{champion:15}} , the sister of Varus freed herself. Maybe. And the last source is on the Twilight Islands, where the Destroyed king tried to resurrect his wife. Would you like to get the merciful girl Darkin in the face of the sister of {{champion:110}} , who could heal with the help of blood magic or combine with {{champion:110}} ? Or what about the mystical Darkin, who owns the magic of twilight islands, and the possible teacher of {{champion:8}} ? 3)And so, what does it give us? Well, firstly, the Darkin team, each with its own history, motives and characters, as well as player mechanics. Unlike the old one, which makes them a teran with similar gameplay. And Darkins are becoming unique, as they are one of the few who own the blood magic. I already said about two characters. Yes, yes, I have more. Shurima is freed, and there you can add new characters with a new look. After that, it will be possible to release a series of images for the Darkins, for example, “True Form”, which gives everyone an improved version or Darkin before using the flesh of people. The images were unique in that they could interact with each other. Have more time with me, but even so, if you or the developers like it, I will give all my best and submit even more developed ideas.{{sticker:galio-happy}} you can still run the event, "homecoming". A portal opened that closed the Golden Queen to the Darkin world. And we can look at its ruins, see the power of the abyss. Fight the merits of the abyss. It could give us a couple of new creatures from the abyss, but the main idea of ​​the adventure is that we have to fight three world bosses, you know, go to the boss in the hard mode, and then inflict a certain amount of damage on him in order to advance the whole world further, and so up to three times, each level is unique and complex in its own way, especially the last one, where we have to fight with the three main bosses, two of whom fled from us in the first and second chapters. These were the fallen Darkins, who were swallowed by the abyss, you just imagine the distraught Darkin + Abyss, that's cool. And when we defeat them, we are presented with three champions in the form of the fallen Darkins, as well as a line of images “Runterra Annihilators” and “Runterra Saviors” for the champions who would participate in this event. And you can add a champion who, like Cain, is hunting for the power of the Darkins.
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