[Spoilers] Lux: Issue Nr. 3 - Feedback, Discussion and Questions

> #Intro I got no time, so a short introduction today. Last thread is [here](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/dEljEE89-spoilers-lux-issue-nr-2-feedback-discussion-and-questions), current issue [here](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/comic/lux/issue-3/0/). #**_~~Spoilers! Last warning!~~_**     > # Summary https://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/comic-series/luxcomic/Luxcomic-issue-3-link.jpg We were waiting for some action after the last issues, and action is here! Lux once again tries to sneak back into Crownguard Manor, but is confronted by Garen and Tianna with some guards. Tianna arranged the execution for Sylas. They imprison Lux in the pantry to make sure she stays home while Sylas is dealt with. Sylas on the other hand thinks he'll be free soon. _All he needs is one more touch._ But instead of Lux, he is visited by the wardens. He's going to be executed in front of the Mageseeker headquarters, but Lux comes to save the day (because of course she does, it's a comic). She gives a captivating speech, but can't swing the audience. She also fails to confess that she is a mage; Instead she says she is his "friend". The captain removes Lux from the podium, but she breaks free and runs to Sylas. She says that she is sorry, and Sylas replies that he is too. Then he breaks free of his chains. What follows is Sylas' rampage and destruction, killing everyone with her magic. (We knew this from his biography, but it's still impressive.) He tries to win her over, but she turns away. Garen arrives with some soldiers, but sends them away to secure the area. He's going in alone. Luxanna tries to help the victims, while Sylas does not care and frees the other prisoners. His subsequent speech makes him look like the savior they have all been waiting for (he probably think he _is_ the savior); Garen arrives. An epic battle ensues, at some point Sylas runs out of the stored energy and Garen gets the high ground. However he underestimated Sylas' power, and when he hits the petricite with his sword, Sylas gains a little bit of magic back and beats him with a fire punch. Lux persuades him not to kill Garen, and he leaves with the mages, asking her to come with him. She refuses. In the infirmary, the Mageseekers question Lux, the only survivor of the massacre. She admits that she brought Sylas the books that gave him the knowledge to escape, and explains how Petricite stores magic instead of nullifying it. However she is interrupted before she confesses she is a mage - again. Lux then says he doesn't want to flee - he wants to kill the king. The issue ends on the realization that the palace is not a defense against mages; It's a weapon for them. ---     > # People & Places _*~~Lux~~*_ https://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/demacia-sketches/lux-demacia-sketch.jpg Lux had a really nice development in this issue (which we kinda expected). She consciously decides to use her powers to escape, aware of the consequences, but she is determined to save Sylas. Of course, _we_ know he was manipulating her, so she misjudged him, but for her, it all makes sense. She made a difficult decision and is running with it now. Then she realizes how Sylas betrayed her, how she misjudged him. Now she tries everything she can to help, even confessing to minor crimes (she broke into the mageseeker library). However, she still does not fully accept herself: she also almost said she's a mage (_twice_), but did not. Not really. I expect it will come bursting out of her sometime in the future. ---- _*~~Garen~~*_ https://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/demacia-sketches/garen-demacia-sketch.jpg There is a lot of theory fodder here: **Garen is a _mage_? (NEW LEAKED Comic reveals the truth!)** ######no need to thank me, youtubers However, I'm still not convinced. He's definitely not a mage, because... well, he does not use magic. He never will go around tossing fireballs or whatever, so by that definition, he's not a mage. Done. He might have latent magic abilities. Remember from the first issue that "Magic is usually inherited". That's the easiest explanation as to why Sylas could steal magic from him, but there are other possibilities. His sword or armor might have absorbed magic, and Sylas simply used that. Or, my favorite explanation is: His sword is made from sun-steel. A special kind of metal found in Demacia, presumably blessed by Kayle. Note that he does not touch Garen, but only his sword. Furthermore, note that the magic takes the form of fire, when Lux' magic took the form of light / lasers (her Ult). So, Sylas might have been using celestial fire from Kayle's magic, just like Garen will be using Kayle's magic for his "Ult" (even if he hasn't done so yet). Even if he knows / suspects that Lux is a mage (or just that she met with the most dangerous mage of this generation), he does not hesitate to storm into the breach to rescue her. He does not quite understand the relationship between Sylas and Lux, but still tries to protect his sister. Love! ---- _*~~Tianna~~*_ https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/569515732593803266/570310574156808193/tianna_crownguard.png I hoped we would find out more about Tianna in this issue, so I was excited when I saw her again. She's a recurring NPC (similar to Tamara, everyone's favorite Warmason) and maybe we could get some more backstory on her. Assuming she is the father's sister, does she have more siblings? What about the uncle that got killed by ~~Sylas~~ a mage? Is there a reason why she is so quick to judge Sylas, other than magecism? ---- _*~~Demacia~~*_ https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/images/demacia_emblem.png We haven't seen anything of Demacia in this issue, except for some interesting worldbuilding details inside a pantry. These confirm that Demacias food is mostly agricultural, including: - Wooden barrels, presumably red wine or beer. In the first issue, Tianna can be seen drinking something, so there's more evidence it's wine. - A smaller array of flasks. Liquor? I'll assume it's not (_just_) water ;) Otherwise it could be oils and seasonings. - Sacks on the floor - My first thought was potatoes, but someone pointed out flour. - ~~Taters?~~ Po\-tay\-toes, various herbs, corn cobs, garlic braids and lettuce heads What is missing is meat, but I doubt it would be stored here. I also can't imagine they wouldn't eat meat, they have a lot of forests to hunt in and farms, presumably with pigs (Sylas himself uses "swine" as insult for the upper class). So: Worldbuilding win! _Ding_ ---- _*~~Sylas and the Revolution~~*_ https://universe-meeps.leagueoflegends.com/v1/assets/images/turmoil_bg.jpg Finally we see some revolutionizing! Sylas got to free his core group of mages from the mageseeker-prison. They are going to stay by his side, since they were treated as badly as he was. We know he is going to recruit more from his [color story](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/sylas-color-story/), but these might not be as loyal. There is some nice "Jesus" / "Savior" imagery going on, the way Sylas stands amidst the rubble and his people and the way he talks. That's the beauty of this kind of storytelling, Sylas and his followers indeed think they are doing the right thing. Also, some important setup for the story. ----     > # General thoughts There is not much plot going on, but a lot of action. I loved the fight between Garen and Sylas, as well as the devastation he caused. Nice work from the artists! I think it's interesting how everyone jumps on the train that Sylas and Lux are in love. For Tianna and Garen, it might seem like an easy explanation on why she ditched Jarvan, but even the random person from the crowd calls her "mage-lover". It would not even matter that she herself is a mage (probably a more powerful one than Sylas), she's guilty by affiliation, just like witch-lovers. I don't want Garen to be a mage. In fact, I think making him one would be lazy, because it would be the only way to make him see his errors. There are other ways to complete the arc for Garen and come to terms with the fact that his sister is a mage. Also, the fact that magic is supposedly rare but somehow almost everyone in Demacia has magic. The Kayle-explanation I mentioned is more likely, since there are hints she might come back soon. The writers clearly didn't forget about the sisters: The mageseeker compound uses the Protector as symbol, even though it's origin is a divine being. Also there is the "infirmary of the sisters". Last issue mentioned Morgana as cameo, so there might be something going on... We already speculated Jarvan III might die, it was hinted at in the latest update to Jarvan IV's [biography](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/jarvaniv/) and this only confirms my fears. I'm super excited for the next issue to see how it all will work out!     > # Questions I only got stupid questions today, red answers would probably be spoilers. We can discuss them instead: 1. How do you explain (supposedly) Garen's magic? 2. Will Tianna return? (I hope so) 3. Do you think Jarvan III is going to die? How? 4. Should Lux have confessed she is a mage on the podium? How would that have played out? As always, thanks for reading this far! Feel free to discuss this issue below!

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