Can Riot please not ruin Viktor and Zaun?

Pls rito Q.Q I really like Zaun and all of it's characters, Please don't do something to draw away the fans of this particular region and it's characters. Some of us really don't want to see Viktor get turned into some kind of robot-demon that demands sacrifice :( And also some of us don't appreciate the fact that you're changing the whole lore of a city, the one we knew and loved for what it was, just so you can fit it into a mold that suites only one newly added character and destroys the rest of them :( PS: I'm sorry if my english is bad, and sorry if I couldn't get my point across I'm really bad at stating my opinions QwQ EDIT: Also in my own opinion, Riot should focus on giving Viktor that kind of ''Nikola Tesla'' vibe cause it suites him. But that's just my opinion I guess *sigh*
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