Bandle City and League of Runeterra

So, in the last "Ask Riot", it got mentioned that there are champions in the game which are not associated with specific regions, like Fiddlesticks. And Riot wants to just use these characters as "flexible" champions, which can show up in different decks. Meanwhile there are champions which are so deeply connected with one specific region, that they **have** to end up in one deck, like Garen **has** to be Demacian. Why is this relevant? Teemo is mentioned as one of these flexible champions that isn't associated with a region.... except he is, at least in Universe. Teemo is considered a Bandle City champion. With these statements, does this mean that we are never going to get a dedicated Bandle City deck and all champions associated with that region will simply get put in another deck that fits their thematic best, like what happened with Teemo?
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