New Cassiopeia skin?

I started playing {{champion:69}} Cassio a little while back, basically since the shunpo nerf gutted Kata's pre 6 laning, but the thing that's stopped me from maining her is the lack of skins. I understand that there are Desperada, Siren, Mythic, and Jade Fang, but the last one of these was released over 4 years ago(if you don't count the 3 chromas on the classic). Not to mention none of these skins are particularly flashy with the most expensive one only being usual tier at 975 rp. Considering the fact that Cassiopeia usually is, and probably will be for the coming patches, a meta champion, she sees frequent and reliable play, why not make a new skin. I can honestly ensure that I would be among the first to buy it upon release, since the lack of good skins has been the only thing preventing me from replacing Katarina as my main champion. Hoping a rioter could shed some light on this situation, I understand you're all very busy and doing your jobs~~(or most of you anyways)~~, but if you could look into a new Cassiopeia skin release I would be honored. Sincerely, Nate Wiz Biz {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Update: Eternum Cassiopeia is on the way, thanks Riot!
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