Is it just me or is Riot not even trying to hype up new releases anymore?

Remember Jhin's release? * Several image teasers. * A video teaser. * "leaks" over months. * The best damn music this game has ever seen. * A nice launch page. That was masterful. We were all hyped for this guy. Most of the champions and reworks in this period were about that level of hype (Bard, Sion's rework, those guys). Not quite as high most of the time, but there was something, you know? Now, look at recent releases. {{champion:518}} was briefly cool on PBE, but was immediately forgotten. She was briefly a new Teemo, but isn't really a big deal. {{champion:517}} got a nice trailer, but didn't even get his own theme. His login screen was just a portion of the Season launch. {{champion:350}} honestly, the only reason we care about this champ is her gimmick. Not hyped very much. {{champion:246}} Not only does nobody give a shit about her on live, but people didn't even care about her **while she was on Beta**. She didn't even get a proper launch page; she just got a glorified reddit post on the front page of the League site.
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