Next Champion is a blacksmith. I called it first :p

Champion Roadmap: July 2017 - Nexus - League of Legends
Welcome to another edition of Champion Roadmap. If it seems like it hasn't been long since the last one, it's because it hasn't! We have a lot in the works right now. One of the big benefits of class updates was they helped us better define and understand our classes.
Next champion will be a blacksmith. Or at least some kind of tinkerer/handyman/craftsman character. Relevant quotes: > Forging a New Vanguard ~ > We also really wanted to make a very **self-reliant** champion; expect to see a unique new passive that helps them **build** more than just character. ~ > the newest Vanguard, who’ll be **heating up** one of the coldest regions in Runeterra.
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