How to Create Special Lore Events IN GAME (READ INSIDE)

(This is a wall of text, sorry, those interested please read it all, it's important) Okay so. I wish RIot would explore much more the lore side of its champions, and while i think doing it in game is not the best way to do it (in a MOBA you can tell so much story), there is a way to do big good SPECIAL EVENTS in game, with NOT THAT MUCH WORK, IN A TEMPORARY SPECIAL GAME MODE. **• Develop a Storyline:** This is the first step of course, and do you remember the Freljord or Shurima events? we got some cool videos that explained stuff, the same can be done for future events done with this method, just to give more context on what is happening. Who is versus Who, and all of that stuff. Storylines have to includes quite a bit of champions, and expand their stories, at least 10 of them i'd say. **• Create a Special Summoner Rift Game Mode:** After we have our story set, it's time to put it in action in game. How to do it? We need a special Summoner rift game mode (like the temporary special game modes we have now pretty much) But it would be a normal Summoner Rift (maybe with some graphical changes, just to adapt it to the story, remember the bots of doom? there was a dark fog there. We would need more Voice Over lines for sure too). Summoner Rift is the place where the champions go for the final battles pretty much, but here is the trick: **In this special game mode you can only select ONE of the champions involved in the storyline**, and if you win a game with one of those champions, you get as reward icons and stuff, but also their expanded storyline, how the story develop, to bring in new stories like a chain. That alone would be awsome, a big step up, and not that impossible to do for RIOT. **• Get your Rewards, and ready for the next special lore event!** Like i said, winning a game with each of the champion involved expand their lore, but you also could get cool stuff, Icons, maybe a badge or something to show that you partecipated in this event. What's also cool is that things like this are repeatable over time, with different stories and different champions, expanding even more what has been developed already. **So to give you a better idea let's try to do an example:** Storyline (very basic just to give you an idea): Aatrox appears around the world, apparently crazy, destroying everything wherever he goes. Champions X, Y, Z decide to try stop him and understand what is going on, but at the same time champions A, B, C, D have other plans, to manipulate Aatrox destructive power for their own purposes. Champions X, Y, Z find out this and go to ask help and form an alliance with champions V, W to put an end to these warmongers and find out the truth. Basically we have champions X, Y, Z, V, W against champions A, B, C, D and Aatrox in a SPECIAL GAME MODE. Win a game with Aatrox and you get to know why he was acting strangely, maybe there is a greater reason for it. Win a game with X you get to know that maybe he was planning to betray his allies, and so on. So, please tell me if you like this idea, if you have improvements to say, i would really like to hear from you guys. And a Riot answer would be appreciated :)
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