Remember when Riot was releasing a new champ every 2-weeks? Why not a minor VGU every 2-weeks?

2 weeks might be unrealistic but my main question is around drastically ramping up minor VGUs, because we can agree that the game sorely needs it. _**Obviously Riot is a company and there are a multitude of factors at play. This is coming from the perspective of a consumer and player of the game, where I have no context of the process in updating a champion. (Voice actors, narrative writers, animators etc.) But Riot is a very, very rich company so yeah. Again, my perspective is very narrow.**_ Just to quote a comment: "Again, the issue here is that there are a LOT of champions who need major work, either in the form of a visual update to bring them up to par with modern day champions in League, or a full VGU to address their visual, thematic, and gameplay needs. There are a whopping number of 64 champions in need of an update. (Of course this number can be malleable over consensus on a champion's condition) At 3 VGUs per year, Riot would be done getting through this list in 2041!!!" 2041 to give champions updates they HEAVILY deserve and need. It would take roughly 3 years to complete the roster if we were going 2 weeks at a time, of course that's a while and would likely need to go longer due to other factors, because releasing new champions should happen very couple of months, and Riot surely cant release updates EVERY single patch.

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