Realms of Runeterra - Book Review📘 SPOILERS

#####**_~~Info~~_** **WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD** Finally my Realms of Runeterra book arrived! The book is available for purchase for about 25$ on amazon as hardcover but you can also buy it as an audiobook. You may be able to get it at your local book/comic shop. When I ordered it, it said that the shipping will take a week but somehow I got it the next day which is awesome. I looked through the book, it has 8 new stories of which I only read one. It is safe to say that this will take me a few days to read and browse through![][] #####**_~~Book~~_** * Introduction: Lovely message from ThermalKitten * Table of Contents: I love how the page assignment has been done, the starting pages of each region are put on the runeterra map * Regions and Pages: All regions are mentioned starting with Targon(8), Ionia(26), Noxus(24), Demacia(28), Freljord(24), Piltover & Zaun(38), Ixtal(4), Bilgewater (28), Shadow Isles(34), Shurima(28), Void(2), Bandle City(2) * Additional Content: We also got a timeline of major events[][] I will say right at the start that this is a book that every lore enthusiast or collector needs to have. The book cover looks very prestigious with the gold writing and the blue color. Overall from the outside of the book has a heavy and sleek design, you feel like you're holding something of value in your hands. Opening RoR you immediately notice that there is a lot of attention to detail put in. The endpaper is not just blue, it has all of the faction icons printed on it so it is not empty. Going further through the book there is an introductory message for both people who are already familiar with the lore of league but also for anyone new who decided to delve into the universe of runeterra. Then we start with the real deal, the factions and Targon is the first one mentioned. The art is absolutely fantastic however, a lot of the art used in the book is reused from Universe. I would personally say that about 50% of the art is reused but that may be quite inaccurate as I am not too familiar with all of the art from all the regions so even tho some may be reused, it appears as tho it is new since a lot of us did not encounter it before! The art that amazes me the most is from Piltover & Zaun as it features a lot of detail and really allows the reader to feel connected to what he is seeing. That really is a fascinating aspect of this book, the detail really makes you think you're in that world, quite bizzare and awesome at the same time. There is **8 new stories** in there, every region beside Targon, Bandle City and The Void got a story. I have only read the freljord story and I will get to reviewing that below.[] ##**_~~Story - A Good Day by Anthony Reynolds~~_**[] The stories in the book are long-stories and I only read one as of now so I will be reviewing that one first and may edit another one in as a follow- up. This story revolves around a woman called Vrynna who we know from a Legends of Runeterra card. She is a part of the Winter's Claw. Her and a few others are hunting for food and throughout the story it becomes really obvious how incredibly hard it is to survive in Freljord. They were Iceborn and they nearly died due to the cold, granted they also did not eat anything proper in weeks. Vrynna has a special connection to an older woman, Sigrun Ice- Runner, who is scouting for potential prey. They are all looking for food when they encounter Wildclaw, who we also know from a LoR card, and fight the beast. Ice- Runner does not survive the encounter however almost everyone else survives. The story gives good insight into the life of the members of the Winter's Claw and the daily struggle to survive unfortunate events like harsh winters, raids from other tribes or even attacks by wild beasts. Overall a beautiful piece that is perfect for this book to describe the life in Freljord.[][] Some interesting lore tidbits are that there are demigods mentioned. The group has totems of different gods with them and they use those to pray to them just like the Frostguard uses totems of the three sisters. The Seal Sister is mention so contrary to popular belief, someone still remebers her tho not exactly by name like Ornn or the Volibear. Another nice hint is that there is a "two-headed raven" demigod mentioned. To conclude, the stories seem to be interesting and long with some nice hints for us lovers of lore.[] ##**_~~Details~~_** Here are some details that really,truly made me love this book! A lot of the pages are filled with little hints and decorative, yet impressive and important features. Here are a few examples: * *Ionian story, instead of being empty there is flowers that make you connect to the story in an odd way...*[] * *Here I was reading freljords story and as blood splattered across the snow in the text, it also splattered across the pages...*[] * *Also beautifully placed art across the pages, complimenting the text and not disrupting it...*[][] #####**_~~Conclusion~~_** Overall I must say that this book is worth the money. If you are a lore enthusiast and you wish to purchase this book please do not expect all of the information to be new. There is some parts like region descriptions that are reused and that makes sense because this is not an advanced lore book, this is more so made for both beginners as well as people who are more advanced in their knowledge of the LoL universe. With that in mind I personally would have wished for more new art. The void could have featured some void creatures that would have extended it's pages from 2 to maybe 4. Same goes for Bandle City. I understand there can not be too much new lore and information but the art is definitely lacking a bit as 90% of freljords art we have already seen. With that being my only criticism I really can not think of why you wouldn't buy the book! Our narrative team has put a lot of effort into this especially with the amazing new stories and the beautiful design of the inside and outside of this treasure.
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