Skins leaks: yay or nay? (With poll)

EDIT: THIS TOPIC ISN'T ABOUT LEAKS THEMSELVES BUT IT IS ABOUT KNOWING WHAT SKINS WILL COME OUT BEFOREHAND. So i wanted to discuss about a controversial situation about skins. Not too much time ago there have been some leaks about that predicted xayah and rakan release and also tons of skins. Now, a new leak appeared (if you want to know the leak, go check redmercy's channel). What i want to ask is your thoughts about skin leaks: Do you think that knowing what skins are coming up is good or just a waste of surprise effect? On my side, i have two friends, one is a otp yasuo, the other is an excellent riven main. When at that time they knew from the leak about the new skins for yasuo and riven, you can't even imagine how happy and excited they were. They don't usually shop skins but knowing beforehand that those skins were coming, it helped them a lot and they could save money and now they are both ready to buy those 2 sick badass skins. In my honest opinion, i think that knowing which skins will be coming in the near future is a great thing because it helps people manage to save their money and buy the skins for their most favorite champs. Spoiler alert if you don't want to know a part of the leak that you can see in one of the most recent redmercy's video: i hope that program elise skin is real, i'm goddamn ready to buy that skin. Edit: THIS THREAD'S PURPOSE ISN'T FOR JUSTIFYING LEAKS.
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