Riot please don’t turn Jarvan IV into a jerk

Remember how some fans called Jayce a Mary Sue and that he suffers from Superman syndrome? Look at what happened to Jayce he took a 180 degree shift in personality and even though I love new Jayce I am scared Riot might do this to Jarvan in the future when Jarvan doesn’t need it like Jayce. Because Jarvan as a Prince with a long history can be allowed to grow in many ways. A lot of people think Jarvan IV is a Mary Sue it seems and that the only way he could be interesting is if he was anti hero or edgy. If he gets off on on beating down on Noxians like how Batman gets off on dispensing justice....Kayn’s story featured and wrote Jarvan so well WHILE not turning him into an asshole. This shows that Jarvan is interesting on his own when bring to light Jarvan’s own ideology vs long term tradition. His struggles can be interesting in their own right while not being a mental health problem like Batman or Tony Stark...
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