Ice King Twitch Voice?

I think the ice king skins looks amazing. It keeps the overall design while going for a more regal and cold approach to the champion. That being said I feel like the skin having Twitch's default voice slightly breaks the immersion. If the skin had a slightly altered voiceover, most likely just a filter over the clips, it would fit way more with the skin considering right now every time he speaks it feels slightly out of line with the skin. His normal harsh dumpy and slightly comical voice that works great for other skins just doesn't fit the new one. Something similar to what's done on his omega squad skin, which is available for the same price, would be great to help fit the theme of the skin more. That being said Twitch isn't the most played character and with so much in the way of new skins, champions and balancing being added this probably isn't the most important thing in the world of League, it would just be a nice addition to what is, in my opinion, one of twitches best skins.

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