Some of Vlad's skin lore can be random bits of Noxian history

I know they're all movie/book references at the moment but it can be so much more! With Riot announcing skin flavor lore, they can use this to enrich their canon universe. In his new lore {{champion:8}} is as old as Noxus itself, so it makes sense that his different incarnations would reflect different eras in the empire's history. Some already fit very well. [Marquis]( was him at the height of Noxian aristocracy, when the Black Rose was inseparable from the empire's seat of power. The nobles lived in a vibrant paradise and recklessly squandered the lives of the common folk, as recklessly as Vladimir played with theirs. [Bloodlord]( was a powerhungry warlord from the dawn of the Rune Wars, when rune-enhanced magic wreaked worldbreaking havoc and the skies rained red with his fury. He may have started his conquest before that, leading the fledgling Noxian empire as its borders expanded. [Count]( may have occurred some time after Bloodlord as we can see the Bloodlord armor in the background. In the aftermath of the Rune wars, he aided Noxus in rebuilding itself and establishing its influence throughout Valoran. [Nosferatu]( is strange. My guess is pre-Noxian times when Vlad lived in exile and could very rarely acquire healthy young human blood to keep himself handsome. These are the skins that fit in a high fantasy setting. My guess for the timeline is Nosferatu < Bloodlord < Count < Marquis < Present day. Sure, they don't have to be canon and it doesn't really matter, but since all four are "blood magic noble guy" like base, it might be cool. Thoughts?
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