Universe needs an Updated tab.

Hey, did you know Jarvan had received a new bio? I don't mean the one he got in the Demacia update a while back, I mean since then. I couldn't blame you if you didn't because there's no indication of this anywhere on the Universe site. I only found out through a thread here complaining about it. The Latest tab is still full of indicators of Sylas' latest lore update, along with Garen and Lux's respective bio changes. While one could write this off as me being an idiot, I would note that this is not the first time that a lore update has been posted and the only indication was people posting about it (whether raving or ranting). Entire comics and short stories have gone without indication that they've updated. Navigating the Universe site to *find* new content (especially when you *don't know who's involved* in the story or where to look for it) is a pain in the ass. I would very much appreciate it if there was a tab I could go to and see 'this updated on X day' and know I can go there to read something new. Please?
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